Wild Beasts Unleashed for UK Tour in March 2010

Posted: 5th December 2009

One of the joys of being a music-head is the End of Year poll circus towards the end of the year (strange that). Magazines, web-sites, writers, music lovers and Chris Moyles will no doubt be vying for your attention with their Top 10 Albums of the year [what, you mean like this one: ? - Ed].

One candidate that seems to have squeaked into most polls, is 'Two Dancers' by Wild Beasts. A curious animal, it's a blend of falsetto vocals (not as irritating as Mika) courtesy of Edwyn Collins-soundalike, Hayden and jingle-jangle jauntiness. Want to hear and see more? Come to their lairs....

Their next UK tour will take place during March 2010, starting in Portsmouth (Wedgewood Rooms - 3rd), Mornington Crescent (Koko - 4th), Warwick (University - 11th), Bournemouth (60 Million Postcards - 12th), Leicester (Queens Hall - 13th), Norwich (Waterfront - 15th), Exeter (Phoenix - 16th), Liverpool (O2 Academy - 18th), Newcastle (Cluny - 19th) and the O2 Academy in Manchester on the 20th. Tickets vary but are around the £12 mark (even for over-priced London!).

Wild Beasts are also playing a sexy li'l homecoming gig on December 22nd. If you thought Kendal was only famous for sugary mint cake and the smell of rain-soaked walkers, then think again. The band hail from the Cumbrian town and are returning to give their fans a good old aural kiss under the musical mistletoe. That's if you can get in, of course. It's a tenner by the way.

Paul Pledger