Lockipedia - Sharp-Witted Sean Lock Ready to Take on the Whole Country in 2010

Posted: 30th November 2009

GET LOCKED DOWN -The name Sean Lock might not mean a lot if you have spent the last year living in a hut on the Isle of Bute, but if you watch TV programmes like 'Q.I.', 'Have I Got News For You' or 'Mock The Week', it is likely you have spotted Lock being rather amusing without being a tit.

But the bespectacled encyclopaedic humourist is also famous as a stand-up comedian and writer. He has previously appeared at the Hammersmith Apollo to much acclaim as well as writing the show, "Rock" with Bill Bailey and the gloriously subtle and hilarious TV sitcom, "15 Storeys High", which matched (or mis-matched) two flat sharing chaps in a tower-block in London. Who can forget the 'sexing-the-whitebait' scene with poor Errol (Benedict Wong) being the butt of a fish-market ruse, or Vince's (Lock) addiction to the 'Blue Rat' drink - "All the energy of a rat, trapped in a can"?

No sooner will Sean finish his current UK tour before stepping-out with a brand new show called 'Lockipedia'. Billed as a "very unreliable, misleading but highly entertaining information resource", the tour will start on February 20th at the Curve Theatre, Leicester, take in Hoddesdon's Broxbourne Civic Hall on the 25th, before giving March a damn good sorting in Southend (Cliffs Pavillion) on the 3rd, York (Grand Opera House) on the 4th etc etc, until (adopts dry Lockism here) another month starts and ends and then another....before you know it, it's May. Great, just in time for the beach. Or maybe not - I've ended-up in Telford on the final date, May 28th. Still, nice enough place, the Oakengates Theatre.....

Tickets are on sale now - priced around the £15 - £20 mark.

I'll leave you with a favourite line from "15 Storeys High" - Vince helps Errol erase the smell of fish after his first day working at Billingsgate, by pouring an unknown liquid into Errol's hands as he is showering.

Aaagh ooh ahhh ahh oww. What is it, it's hurtin' my eyes
It's working. It's only Jolly Shopper bleach. It shouldn't be too strong - I mean their cheese is very mild.
Paul Pledger