Special Kay Stands-Up for the First Time in Seven Years - 2010 Tourless Tour Dates Just Announced!

Posted: 20th November 2009
Peter Kay

Bolton's BAFTA-winning bundle of belly-laughs and belters, Peter Kay, returns to his spiritual home and spiritual environment for a quartet of dates in 2010. Note: These will be his ONLY dates of the year so get clicking ont t'internet lads and lasses.

Dubbed "The Tour That Doesn't Tour Tour", the 'not-a-tour' starts in Manchester at the MEN Arena on April 27th 2010, and stays there, firmly rooted to the spot for the 28th, 29th and the 30th. The tour then doesn't go anywhere whatsoever and ends in Manchester (where it started - are you keeping up with this?). Four nights in the same location. Got it? Read on MacDuff.....

Tickets cost £35 and you can't buy more than eight so don't be greedy. They go on sale on Saturday 21st November (blimey that's tomorrow!) at 11am (set your alarm).

Kay has recently announced that he has missed 'standing-up' which is not surprising as he has mainly been sat in a wheelchair playing Brian Potter (Phoenix Nights), or gallivanting around the world (sort of) in a camping cruiser for the past few years and when he hasn't been doing sit-com, it's been a spot of Britain's Got The Pop Factor......... Anyway, he's a funny bugger so get clicking.

Paul Pledger