UK Cities Welcome Members of Talented Diversity - March 2010 Tour Dates Announced

Posted: 17th November 2009
Diversity - Image:

Dictionary definition of the word 'diversity':

1. When many different types of things or people are included in something. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Another definition could be:

2. British dance troupe and winners of TV talent-vehicle, Britain's Got Talent

Put both definitions together and you have definition 2 - if you see what I mean.

The award-winning East London dance troupe, Diversity, have announced an extensive tour for 2010 starting on March 27th in Manchester (Academy), stopping in various towns and cities along the way such as Liverpool, Swindon, Plymouth and Hammersmith before street-dancing their clever butts in Bournemouth on April 11th. The full list of venues is below and tickets go on sale at 6PM, Friday 20th November. Prices are £18.50 (£21.50 for Hammersmith).

Diversity have been together since 2007 and are made up of East London and Essex residents ranging in age from 13 to 26 and from varying backgrounds. Their lead dancer is the excellently named, Ashley Banjo and the group shot to fame by appearing on TVs third series of 'Britain's Got Talent'. They represent the charity Hope For Children and have performed at the Michael Jackson tribute in Blackpool and the launch of Disney's XD channel. Busy times - their future seems sealed. Their tour in 2010 is sure to sell fast so don't hang about.

Paul Pledger