The Durutti Column for 2010 Tony Wilson Tribute Album/ Gigs on Factory for Anniversary

Posted: 16th November 2009
Factory Records

As previously reported, The Durutti Column (wizard guitarist Vini Reilly and pals) are to release their "Paean To Wilson" tribute album to the general public early in 2010, supported by two live dates. The double-CD set finally gets properly unleashed on January 24th 2010, the 32nd anniversary of the birth of the influential Factory Records label responsible for an enviable roster including Joy Division / New Order, A Certain Ratio, Happy Mondays, Section 25 and Durutti Column themselves. DC's music was published by 'Movement Of 24th January', fact fans, hence the continued connection with this date.

The concerts supporting the album will be at Manchester's Lowry Theatre on January 24th (of course) and London's Leicester Square Theatre on January 31st. Tickets start at £17.50 for London, £18.50 for Manchester - plus booking fee. Unlike their other 2009 concerts this year celebrating the new CD (reviewed here), the band will also play a selection of back catalogue favourites, spanning some 30 years. As well as the Wilson CD, there is also a box set available called "2001 - 2009" which gathers together their recent albums released on the Artful label including the excellent "Somebody Else's Party" plus extra tracks. This is out now.

Tony Wilson pretty-much discovered and managed the often tempestuous artist from day 1 of the label's inception. Early recordings were drab at best but Reilly's real breakthrough was the debut "Return of the Durutti Column", a short 9 track instrumental set that belied Reilly's tender years and revealed his intricate style. If you want to play guitar, you could do worse than pick this up and learn from the master. Wilson then spent the following 30 years trying to stop Reilly from singing (it was an in-joke between them) and failing miserably - until now. In respect to his best friend, Vini has just used samples on "Paean To Wilson". Read the full review on this site for further details of the album itself. Meanwhile, tickets are on sale now for the two dates.

Paul Pledger