Five copies of Them Crooked Vultures' debut album up for grabs!

Posted: 13th November 2009

Competition Closed

We are delighted, no make that over the moon, to be able to offer you what could quite possibly be one of the rock albums of the year - the hotly-anticipated debut effort from alternative/ hard rock powerhouse Them Crooked Vultures.

The super-group formed in 2005, featuring (in case you somehow don't know) a triumvirate of rock talent in: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and John Paul Jones from this little-known English band called Led Zeppelin, but it wasn't until this year that things started happening. The band released a short video on YouTube, played their debut gig in Chicago in August, followed-up with dates at Reading and Leeds, and kaboom! - a piece of Rock 'n Roll history was launched. On the back of those dates and the short video, tickets for their debut UK tour - which starts in December - sold-out in a matter of hours.

The prospect of their debut album has had many - including our writer Paul Pledger - salivating, and in Paul's case, wetting his pants in excitement [Paul, you really should get to grips with that excitement issue - Ed]. Watch this space for Paul's forthcoming review.

The album is released on Monday 16th November, and can be previewed on YouTube, here: , and pre-ordered here:

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Now that we've whipped you up into a frenzy, you can enter our competition to win one of five copies of the album, which you can enter either via our new Facebook page ( or our entry form - see below.

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