Ash add extra Tunbridge Wells date to 2009 A-Z tour for Sat/ Sun 14th &15th Nov

Posted: 12th November 2009
Ash - Image:

An extra date has just been added to Ash's A-Z tour, which the band are currently approaching the tail-end of.

They will now play two dates at the Tunbridge Wells Forum - Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November - yes, that's this weekend. This makes two "Ts" in their A-Z, now that's a pretty screwed-up A-Z, so I wouldn't be too sure that they'll actually make it to Tunbridge Wells if they are driving themselves....

The other Tunbridge Wells date sold out aeons ago - as have most of the A-Z tour, and this one looks to be going the same way, so hesitate ye not! Tickets are £16.50 - check the "Tickets" link below for availability.

Daniel O'Connell