The Hairy Bikers set to Raise the Temperature on Feb/ March 2010 Tour

Posted: 12th November 2009
The Hairy Bikers - Image:
Blimey, Si. What's all this rumpus aboot lad?
Well Dave, hav ya fugotten aboot wor tour next year like? I'm gettin' the bikes ready for oor trip around the coontree like....
Well, roast my parsnips in a hooney gleeze Si. Of course I'd not forgotten - I was joost rubbing oil all oover me leathers
Meek sure it's not olive oil Dave, or you'll look like a huge loin-chop ready fer bastin'

.....and so on. No, you are not reading a story from Viz - instead, the kings of cooking, baking, roasting and comedy, The Hairy Bikers, have announced a "Big Night Out Tour" in 2010. Be there or be hungry and miserable.....

The Geordie duo start their feast of fun at Warrington's Pyramid & Parr Hall on Sunday Feb 7th 2010 and continue to Grimsby, Newcastle (this will sell quickly!), Blackburn, York, Peterborough, Wolverhampton and finally Manchester at the Lowry on the 21st March. The events will include cooking demonstrations, comedy banter on overdrive and anarchy and chaos involving pies and pastries (probably). Tickets cost around £19.50 plus booking fee.

Simon King and Dave Myers have become national treasures on TV and on the road for their light-hearted yet skilled cooking sketches on programmes such as "The Hairy Bakers" and "The Hairy Bikers Ride Again" as well as several best-selling books. Recently Simon King suffered an accident during the making of their next TV project "The Hairy Bikers Celebrate The 12 Days Of Christmas", but hopefully he will be fit enough for their Birmingham Good Food Show appearance due in a couple of weeks (see below).

Rock on Si.....
Rock on Deev....
Paul Pledger