Classic Rock Magazine issues first ever hi-def 3D cover in homage to Floyd's 'Off the Wall'

Posted: 11th November 2009
Bon Jovi

Today, Classic Rock Magazine has released the first ever UK magazine to don a hi-definition 3D cover - revealed earlier in the month at the Marshall Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards.

The cover celebrates the 30th anniversary of Pink Floyd's seminal concept album 'The Wall', featuring the infamous hammer and flying pig, which move as you change perspective - check the moving image above - in smally-vision... a larger version can be viewed via the "Classic Rock Magazine 3D" link in the sidebar to the right, or of course, by popping-down to the newsagent and securing yourself a copy!

The magazine is out today, and contains a Pink Floyd 'The Wall' feature, including the making of the moving, unseen pictures, a Jon Bon Jovi Q&A, Santana feature (written by Rolling Stone writer Ben Fong-Torres), King Crimson "making of" article, and interviews with: Todd Rundgren, Kiss, Stereophonics, Slayer, Deep Purple, Pixies. Also inside (and hopefully, not obscuring/ damaging that beautiful cover) is a trippy free Space Rock CD.

Daniel O'Connell