Arctic Monkeys Turn to Oxfam for 'Cornerstone' Single Release

Posted: 10th November 2009

Those charitable Sheffield scamps, Arctic Monkeys, have announced details of their next single release, due out on Monday 16th November on Domino Records. Called "Cornerstone", it will be available as a 10" only vinyl record, contain 4 tracks (3 of them unreleased before) and, once again, released via the Top 50 Oxfam music stores.

Their last single "Crying Lightning" sold over 10000 units as a 7" single which is a pretty mean feat when you consider that (ahem) 'vinyl is dying' it ****! Bands like the Monkeys wouldn't bother doing this if they didn't think it would shift quickly, especially through a charity shop which can ill-afford to stock items that can't get returned (including those size 48 green dungarees hanging up by the window and endless Bros tapes).... [I know, even eBay can't shift 'em… - 'ashamed' Ed]

This EP includes the new songs, "Catapult", "Sketchead" and "Fright Lined Dining Room" as well as the lead track from their number one album, "Humbug". You can also download the same tunes for free by using the code inside the sleeve.

Click on the "Oxfam EP" button below for a full list of shops which will stock the EP, which will cost £4.99.

Alongside this activity, Oxfam are giving away 'golden tickets' for entry to an Arctics UK date in particular shops in certain areas - buy the record first, though. And if you are popping down to town to buy the Monkeys single, or are just passing through to Maccy Ds or Asda, why not take your unwanted vinyl down to your local Oxfam? As long as it's not your Bros tapes!!

Paul Pledger