Here Kittie Kittie Kittie - Come to Britain... 2010 Dates Just Added

Posted: 6th November 2009

[Warning: May contain puns - Ed]

Canadian darlings of ballsy, in-yer-chops metal and hollering, Kittie, are back in the UK next year for a (ahem) purr-fectly formed tour to promote their recent new album, "In the Black", released last month.

The January dates take in seven destinations including Leeds (Rios, Jan 16 - £14), Newcastle (O2 Academy, Jan 17 - £11.50), Reading (Sublive, Jan 19 - £TBC), Manchester (Moho Live, Jan 20 - £13.75), Stoke (Sugarmill, Jan 21 - TBC), Birmingham (O2 Academy, Jan 22 - £11.50) and Camden's Underworld on Jan 23rd (£14.50). Most of the tickets are available now.

Kittie were formed as far back as 1996 by sisters, Mercedes and Morgan Lander at a gymnastics class (easy, lads) and have gone through a whole litter (sorry) of bassists and guitarists until the current line-up with Tara McLeod and Trish Doan joining the Landers. Now they are back with a vengeance and their new fifth album is up to scratch (ouch) with two singles ear-marked for release ('Cut Throat' and 'Sorrow I Know' have already done the rounds as videos). Just don't offer them a saucer of milk and a tickle under the chin - these are feisty little Kitties after all.

Paul Pledger