The Beatles for Sale on an Apple on a Stick! One USB Fits All....

Posted: 5th November 2009

Fancy carrying every single Beatles song with you on the Tube in the morning? What? Is that idiot on Allgigs suggesting I carry my pile of CDs onto the crowded Piccadilly line with a clunky old Walkman? Get a grip son. No mate - get a stick! A USB stick.....

Ironically, you can't get the Fab Four's music on Apple's iTunes due to a load of red-tape and lawsuits rolling on and on. But you will be able to insert a freshly-loaded USB of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr loveliness right into your notebook socket and immerse yourself in some of the greatest songs ever written. Here's the hard bit - it's 200 nicker!

Mind you, you get 14 full length albums (worth between £150 - £175 in itself), 13 mini films, a bag-load of images and photos and a Flash interface already installed. It's also a cute little apple-shaped piece of beauty. It's also pretty damn limited. So, while the big guns fight over the right for downloads, pick up a piece of history on December 7th. Go to the official store for further details.

Paul Pledger