Chips with Everything - Synthpop Quintet Hot Chip Come Out of the Dark in February 2010

Posted: 3rd November 2009
Hot Chip

Hot Chip have announced a new album and a headlining tour for the start of 2010. Next year also heralds ten years making music together and a less frenetic and more disco-orientated sound.

The tour starts on Friday 12th February in Glasgow (Barrowlands - £17) and continues throughout February until they reconvene in their home manor of London with two dates at the Brixton Academy on February 26th and 27th (£20). Tickets go on sale on Friday 6th February at 9am. At least here is one band with the good sense to book more than one date in their home venue!

It's been a comparatively quiet year for the Chipsters - the album "Made in the Dark" continued to tick-over but there were no actual HC releases in 2009 apart from a mix-collection entitled "A Bugged Out Mix" which featured an eclectic blend of influences as well as their remix of Gang Gang Dance's "House Jam". Their huge tune "Over & Over" still gets caned in student discos and their cover of Joy Division's "Transmission" made the War Child collection "Heroes" all the more interesting. Their new, as-yet-untitled, album is due out in February as well and marks a return to more mid-tempo dance tracks. The Chips are far from down - check 'em out for proof.

Paul Pledger