Big Yin Takes up Residency in Hammersmith Bolt-Hole - Billy Connolly 2010 Tickets On Sale Now

Posted: 1st November 2009

Possibly one of the greatest comedians of living history has announced a residency at West London's biggest venue in 2010. Billy Connolly remains the most successful comedian of his time and strengthens that claim with a pretty bulky residency at the Hammersmith Apollo in 2010.

His latest Hammersmith residency in 2010 kicks off on January 5th and finishes on January 17th - not a bad run! Don't be fooled - the man is a legend. Read on:

Since the early 70s, Connolly has sold out countless venues and made millions laugh. Hammersmith welcomes him back to the capital - and this time it's personal - it's stand up!!!! For many years, Billy has been recording travelogue programmes, covering the globe and bringing new lands to people's screens. Now he is back with the very thing he was made famous by - stand-up. Remember the "Secret Policeman's Ball"? Billy was the top draw of that famous gig in 1981. Remember the "World Tour" on the BBC? It was made up of sell-out gigs around the country. Remember the Bigley controversy in 2004? It was at the Apollo......misquoted? Probably....... Worth seeing again? Oh of course he is.

Humanitarian Connolly has also appeared in films including a prime role in "Her Majesty Mrs Brown", plus various TV comedy docs. If you seriously think that Connolly is dwindling during his twilight years, you need brain surgery - the man is sharper than ever. If you hate the word "fuck" then log on for tickets to kids pantomimes instead - and miss the laughs of a lifetime.

Update: 5th Nov

Five new dates added from 19th - 24th January. Tickets on sale now from £25.

Paul Pledger