Bad Lieutenant Open Up Pet Shop Boys' Dec 2009 Evenings and Pixies' US Nights

Posted: 30th October 2009
Pet Shop Boys - Image:

Bernard Sumner's post-New Order project, Bad Lieutenant, have been announced as the support for Pet Shop Boys on four of the dynamic duo's tour dates in December. The dates are 17th Dec (Glasgow), 18th Dec (Birmingham), 20th Dec (Manchester) 21st and Dec (London O2). The recent album may have had mixed reviews but the band should find solace with Tennant and Lowe, since Sumner has worked with Neil before on various Electronic recordings. It is also no secret of the mutual admiration between the sets of artists. Expect some Bad Lieutenant, New Order and a 'few surprises' (bet they play 'Getting Away With It'...)

Tickets are available for all of the Pet Shop Boys dates, costing £30.

As well as the PSB evenings, they are set to appear with the Pixies as part of their US reformation tour later in December, as well as 2 headlining dates in Chicago and New York. Hopefully, the band will be back in the UK early next year. Meanwhile, Bernard, Phil and Jake will be joined by New Order's maestro drummer, Steven Morris for the UK dates above.

Paul Pledger