Skindred to Bring Dub War, Shark Bites and Dog Fights Back to Your Yard in March 2010

Posted: 30th October 2009

Straight outta Newport (Wales) comes Skindred - a band with an aural hybrid of Metal, Trad Rock, Ragga, Dub and US Hardcore. Just don't compare them to Bad Brains! The Welsh dread-rockers are bang up to date though and, although not as hyper as BB, they are definitely as intense. Their recent October UK tour sold-out but, fret not dear reader, another small UK tour has just been announced for 2010.

Portsmouth is the first lucky town to experience the full-on blast of recent EP "Shark Bites & Dog Fights" and their powerful albums, "Roots Rock Riot" and "Babylon", on March 9th 2010. Derby, Colchester, Woking, Preston, Edinburgh, York and Birmingham then get a good old pummelling until their home-coming gig, which takes place on March 19th at the Newport TJs venue. If you scream loudly enough, they might just play a track from the vaults of vocalist Benji Webbe's previous (and bang-on) outfit, Dub War. More likely though, upcoming single "Invincible" will get wheeled out along with the proposed new album (due next year). Plenty to look forward to from this sure-to-crossover band.

Tickets are on sale now priced around the £14 mark depending on venue.

Paul Pledger