The Great Extension now showing at Theatre Royal Stratford East until 14th Nov 2009

Posted: 29th October 2009

Showing until Saturday 14th November 2009 at Theatre Royal Stratford East is 'The Great Extension', a new comedy by Cosh Omar.

Hassan, a second generation Turk, leads a blissful, if somewhat eccentric bachelor life in London's suburbs. His tastefully decorated house is kept spick and span by his even more tastefully decorated houseboy. The building work on his extension is progressing well despite legal threats from his reactionary neighbour, the very English Mr Brown; and his father's wealth ensures gainful employment does not interfere too much in a life replete with wine, women and self-imposed amnesia.

That is until he wakes up one morning to the devastating realisation that something happened the night before that could have the direst consequences for him and his care-free lifestyle; something that could fundamentally transform his very essence; something he... just can't quite remember!

Following The Battle of Green Lanes, his prophetic play about the spread of Islamic fundamentalism in Britain's urban melting pots, Cosh Omar returns with a comedy play for our time. Never have issues such as multi-culturalism, racism, sectarianism, Judo-Islamic conflict, faith, sexuality and nationhood been explored with such insightful hilarity.

Directing the show will be Theatre Royal Stratford East's artistic director Kerry Michael, joined by the creative team of designer Yannis Thavoris; assistant director Matthew Blacklock; lighting designer Prema Mehta and sound designer Theo Holloway.

Joining the cast will be Dimitri Andreas, Faraz Ayub, Carol Been, Ben Bennett, Jack Chissick, Amerjit Deu, Akin Gazi, Raj Ghatak, Jacob Krichefski, Cosh Omar, Sharona Sassoon and Ruby Visaria.

Tickets are on sale now, ranging from £8 to £20.