Future of the Left Right on Cue with Seven Magnificent Gigs this Winter, 2009

Posted: 29th October 2009

Highly-regarded Welsh rockers, Future Of The Left, will be concentrating on the Southern half of the country for their Winter Tour just announced. Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth, Birmingham (sort of South!), London, Brighton and Bristol will all host dates on the tour (list of venues below). Tickets start at £8 - beware though, some venues have strict age-restrictions so check before you pay for tickets! The band will no doubt be on fire after their US tour that is taking place this month and during the first half of November.

The band are also releasing a new single to head-up the tour. Called "Arming Eritrea", the release date has yet to be confirmed but is likely to be the 9th November and will be available on download as a double A side with "You Need Satan More Than He Needs You". Either way, there are sure to be plenty of fevered renditions of other tracks from their 2009 album "Travels With Myself and Another".

Paul Pledger