Lock Up Ya Daughters - Steel Panthers Due to be Unleashed - 2010 Dates Announced!

Posted: 28th October 2009

'Turn out the lights', 'party all day' it's 'death to all but metal'. Yep your favourite trash-glam-schlock rockers, Steel Panther, are about to prowl the stage in two venues (so far) in the UK next year and repeat the success of their 2009 dates in Nottingham and Wembley.

If you want to 'feel the steel' (and don't we all?) then tickets are available now for both dates which are on March 18th 2010 @ Newcastle Academy and March 19th 2010 @ Brixton Academy. Prices are £16.25 for the Toon gig and £19 for the London night.

The band are the perfect tonic to the pomposity of the poodle-rock bands of the 80's with charming songs like "I Want Your Tits", "Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)" and "Stripper Girl" (from the "Feel The Steel" album released in 2009). Although they haven't hit the heady heights of other bands like The Darkness, Steel Panther have paid more attention to detail with their appearance and riffs, dividing the metal community in their opinion of them. They also put on a blinding show - my flatmate saw them at Wembley, exclaiming that they were 'just the best'. Go on, 'feel the steel' and go get some panther in you.

Paul Pledger