Sankeys Hosts Hacienda Classics 2009 Christmas Party in December

Posted: 26th October 2009
Factory Records

2009 will go down as the year that, finally, people have sat-up and taken notice of Factory Records' contribution to British music culture. They gave us (almost literally) the Fac 51 Hacienda nightclub, a glorious spatial structure that housed some of the most hedonistic and enjoyable club nights back in the day, utilising the talents of the most elite of worldwide DJs.

Now Manchester's Sankeys night-club is about to re-live the euphoria of the heady Hac days with a Christmas Party on December 4th. Tickets cost £10 (for a very limited period only) or £12 - either way, there is a considerable DJ line-up promised:

Marshall Jefferson - Chicago's legendary house-music innovator whose own "Move Your Body" was a staple of Hacienda nights in the late 80's.

Graeme Park - Co-host of the infamous 'Nude' nights at the Hacienda. He appears with Tom Wainwright.

Greg Wilson - The man who merged electro and Balearic beats with cut n paste mash-ups 20 years before Soulwax / 2 Many DJs attempted it. Jon Da Silva will also bring his classic repertoire to the party.

Celebrate Christmas early with a taste of the party legacy that will not die.

Paul Pledger