Henry Rollins Returns With his Gift of the Gab in 2010

Posted: 19th October 2009
Henry Rollins

The intense Black Flag and Rollins Band front-man, raconteur and thought-provoking Henry Rollins will perform tricks with his tonsils and tongue at several UK venues in January 2010.

His delivery may be sharp and often uncomfortable (well, only if you are a lying politician or guilty of genocide) but he is a thoughtful and well-informed speaker who will no doubt gather many tales of hilarious corruption and travelogue delights from his 2009 visits to the Far East. Oh and somebody called Obama from across the pond will no doubt be part of Henry's repartee as well.

Tickets vary venue-to-venue starting at £15 in Norwich, , rising to £20 for Leamington Spa, with many available at £17.50, so check the links below for prices and availability. No matter what you pay, his live spoken-word appearances are worth every penny and normally sell-out pretty quick.

Paul Pledger