The Stranglers for February/ March 2010 UK tour

Posted: 4th October 2009
The Stranglers - Image:

Stranglers eh? Not normally the sort of people you'd want to spend a night with. But when it's the all punking, non-killing classic band 'The Stranglers' exceptions can be made, especially as they have just announced a 16 date UK tour for February/March 2010. The punk stalwarts, famous for such hits as 'Golden Brown' and 'Walk On By' recently announced the major tour, entitled 'Decades Apart' which begins at the Glasgow O2 Academy on Friday 26th February before going to Dunfermline and Aberdeen. Then they head south to England for 13 March shows starting at Nottingham before hitting Liverpool, Leeds and Cambridge among other big cities before ending in the grand Manchester Academy on March 20th. There is a definite emphasis on this tour as bassist/lead vocalist Jean-Jacques Burnel has stated the band may go into semi-retirement, with maybe only studio work from now on. Given that founding member Jer Black is now 70 you can cut them some slack but if you want to see a great band for maybe the last time live or just want to see a great band then ticket yourself up by checking the links below. And don't wear a scarf just in case the real bad kinda stranglers are about.

Patrick McKiernan