Office Kicks release new single 'The Kraken' 26th Oct 09

Posted: 24th September 2009

Officer Kicks unleash 'The Kraken' on October 26th via iTunes. This first single from new LP, 'Citywide Curfew' is already getting radio plays, playlists and great club reactions. In the vanguard of the new British Rock their reputation is deservedly blooming. After a summer of festivals, in-store appearances, on line TV sessions etc, the band have just completed a triumphant debut tour of Ireland then three nights at this year's Harley Davidson rock festival in Austria.

Now Officer Kicks have been invited out as special guests on the Juliette Lewis UK tour and also to play the first full electric sets bill at the increasingly legendary This Feeling Club on 16th October.

A class act with universal appeal. Entertaining, on or off stage, Officer Kicks have a collective ethos that's spawned from a multi--tasking cottage industry. Huge songs, an infectious presence and many cool gigs earned without hype, a major label or booking agent. The questions is not how long this band will remain under the radar, but how much more they'll achieve with tenacity, inclusiveness and enormous tunes.

Super spiky rock'n'roll with plenty of attitude... The name should be a lot more familiar by the end of the year. (Sunday Express)