Injury causes minor change for The Xcerts' forthcoming Autumn 2009 UK tour

Posted: 16th September 2009

So, today is obviously "wrist injury news day" [whoah! Where are you going with this?! - Ed], with us just telling you about the injury caused to InMe guitarist Ben Konstantinovic, and now it's the turn of The Xcerts bass player: Jordan Smith.

A keen skateboarder, Jordan made the most of the lovely weather a few days back and headed-out, board in hand on the Brighton sea-front. I think you know where this is going, so let's let Jordan take up the story:

I went rolling along a sunny Brighton seafront feeling lazy and secure. Skating is best on days like these, nothing intense, no stress, big bit of flatland looking across the English Channel . There were a few security rails on their sides, perfect for slightly apprehensive ollies (my forte after years of 'not really skating'). I cleared it a couple times, linked in a scrappy kickflip or two and generally felt like I was finding my feet again. On the last ollie before thinking about leaving, the board fires out and I land awkwardly enough to make my wrist look like a mangled slinky. It's always the most inadvertent thing that does the most damage.

Determined not to let this affect their forthcoming co-headline UK tour with This City (17th - 9th October), Jordan has taken to the keys, instead, practising his heart out on the bass keys!

Barely catching their breath, the band then head-out in support of Idlewild for an eight date UK tour from 10th to 19th October. And as if that isn't enough gigging for one band, they then head-out in support of Funeral for a Friend for the UK leg of their October tour between 20th and 29th October.

With all of these dates (31 - go on - count them!) they are bound to be headed your way this Autumn, check below for tickets availability.

Daniel O'Connell