Here Comes Sumner - Another New Order as Bad Lieutenant go to Heaven in October 2009

Posted: 26th August 2009

The eagerly-anticipated new band, Bad Lieutenant, is comprised of Bernard Sumner with recent New Order man, Phil Cunningham and Manc musician, Jake Evans (of Rambo & Leroy) plus Steven Morris, Alex James (Blur and only featured on the album) and Tom Chapman (featured live). Three dates have been announced to showcase this new venture and they take place on October 20th at the Digital (ex-Zap) Club in Brighton, the 21st at London's Heaven and finally on the 22nd at their home-town of Manchester at the Ritz Ballroom.

Never let it be said that the stories surrounding New Order are anything but interesting - four members form the group from the ashes of Joy Division and record some of the most influential music in the world, argue, make up and record some of the most influential music in the world, argue, fall out, make up, record some more decent music, argue, fall out publicly.... end of story? Nope, no way. In between the bitter in-fighting, they were the best of friends making solo and side-projects under different names. Peter Hook took his Revenge, then Monaco (and imminently the soon-to-be Freebass project with Andy Rourke - Smiths and Mani - Stone Roses) to the road and the radio, while even the quiet ones Steven Morris and Gillian Gilbert, buggered off to a farm and became the Other Two. But Bernard Sumner cleverly formed Electronic with Johnny Marr and released a mix of excellent and so-so albums, as well as dabbling in production and remix duties whilst with Factory. He has learned his craft well. Time for a new project and another story.

There is a new single available for free download at from Aug 28th - don't forget to register. Called "Sink Or Swim", it is a powerful and emotive song that is a perfect taster for the upcoming album, "Never Cry Another Tear" to be released during October.

Tickets for the trio of gigs (priced at £18.50 - Brighton, £19.50 - Manchester and £21.50 - London) will sell like the proverbial hot cakes - be quick!

Paul Pledger