Drugstore, Senser and Dee C. Lee for October 2009 Dingwalls date

Posted: 23rd August 2009

While the newly refurbished Islington Garage is back on track with the tastiest of programs for the next couple of months, Dingwalls in Camden are giving a handful of 90s bands another chance to shine. So, Dingwalls is proud to present Drugstore - remember them and their one-hit-wonder, 'El Presidente', starring Radiohead's Thom Yorke back in the day, who at worst came across as a vain incarnation of Mazzy Star or at best the most decent female-fronted 90s Britpop band behind Elastica? Well, after a seven-year-hiatus the resurrected trio will perform a one-off reunion gig on September 7th. Also, note the return of noise-aplenty Rage Against the Machine sound-alike combo Senser on September 22nd, and of former Wham! and The Style Council backing babe, Dee C. Lee on October 11th.

Tickets for Drugstore and Senser cost a tenner and those Lee's show are priced

£17.50, all on sale now.

Solange Moffi