Bowling for Soup Get a Grip and Release Latest Video and Single 'My Wena'

Posted: 18th August 2009
Bowling for Soup

Texan rock quartet practice their very best in Carry-On 'nudge-nudge, wink-wink' tunes with the release (sorry) of "My Wena", a paean to the one thing, lead singer Jaret loves more than the ladies (oh and his band Bowling For Soup) ... yep .....his... er .... weiner.... todger... lad...... lovemuscle... [that's enough - Ed]....

Their name comes (sorry again) from a Steve Martin sketch and the various members (aaargh) of the group visit their comedic side with the accompanying video on their website for this upcoming digital single release (due on September 28th). You can even upload your choice of facial (oops) insertion (crikey) by creating your own 'Wena' from uploaded photos (check: - life really is so amazing sometimes...

More seriously, the single is a pre-cursor to their 10th studio album, "Sorry For Partying", released on October 12th and heralds a significant turning-point for the band formed in 1994 in Fort Worth. Other new songs include "I Can't Stand LA" and "Choke" All this and more will be featured in their upcoming documentary, "My Home Town". The guys head-out on their Party in Your Pants UK Tour 2009 starting in Glasgow on 17th October. Busy times for The Soup....let's hope they can pull it off (yowzah!).

Paul Pledger