Are You Looking At Me? Frankie Boyle Offers a Fistful of Humour for 2010

Posted: 18th August 2009
Frankie Boyle

Hilarious Glaswegian comedian from 'Mock The Week' and 'Have I Got News For You?' hits the road (probably literally judging by the tour title) in March 2010 and has decided to call it the "I Would Quite Happily Punch Every One Of You In The Face" tour, presumably after counting the huge receipts he will surely earn during this run.

Frankie is the epitome of dour red-haired Scotsman wanting to take his anger out on you by making you laugh - I know, I have met a few Boyles in my time. The big difference is that this Boyle on Scotland's bum is actually one of the fastest brains in comedy and also certainly one of the darkest (and funniest of course). Watch Mock the Week and see him out-miserablize every other panellist on there with his gritty observational humour that, if it were a DIY tool, would be a router.....a lethal gouging implement designed to make holes in wooden objects (or extra eyeholes in the heads of stupid people). According to Frankie's comic-book story on his website, "I'm a comedian, I have been going since 1996 and I'm ***king sick of it now". So much so that he has begrudgingly bothered to write new scripts and stand, half-arsed, in front of a big room full of plebs and make them laugh their slacks off. And he is prepared to do this, night in night out, so that you don't have to.

Not surprisingly he kicks off the tour with his own kith and kin in Glasgow for 4 nights from 18th March 2010, before several more Scottish dates including Dunfermline and Inverness before heading into enemy territory - England including Reading, Plymouth and anywhere else with a theatre and a cheap budget hotel chain. His final date is in Middlesborough on 17th May. There are also 2 special shows planned for Edinburgh Festival Theatre during October 2010.

If acerbic wit and bludgeoning humour is to your taste, and you won't end up writing to the Queen in protest at such intelligent patter being laced with the odd ****, **** and especially ****, then check out the link for tickets, starting at around £20. If you are going to get punched in the face by anyone, it may as well be Frankie Boyle and in the words of his website story, "Laugh or the eagle will rip your hearts out".

Paul Pledger