Led Zep, QotSA and Foos Supergroup Circles Above - the Vultures are Waiting to Pounce!

Posted: 9th August 2009

This week saw the announcement many rock fans have been anticipating since the rumours started - Jean Paul Jones, Dave Grohl and Josh Homme are collaborating on a very special project that will result in an album, "Never Deserved The Future"

The new band is called Them Crooked Vultures and Interscope are the lucky label releasing the album sometime during October. It is thought that the trio of legends will play a special launch party after Lollapalooza in Chicago, possibly at the Metro club this weekend. Early reports suggest that this outing is a result of several jamming sessions between the three of them but, one thing is for sure, the sound will no doubt reflect the pedigree of the three main men.

Unfortunately there is little evidence of their rock union so far, just a basic website with links to Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and My Space. I guess we will just have to wait for the hype machine to kick in and for the band to deliver. As well as the Vultures, Mr Homme has been busy guiding the Arctic Monkeys through their last recording sessions and producing their next album, due for release on August 24th. A busy boy indeed. Watch this space for further news on TCV...

Paul Pledger