Keziah Jones for August 2009 EP and London dates

Posted: 30th July 2009

Nigerian-born Blu Funk creator, Keziah Jones, is to perform two gigs in London this August, in order to promote his new EP, 'Nigerian Funk', due out on August 10th, before the release of his fifth studio album, 'Nigerian Wood', expected in the autumn.

Jones will play the Jazz Café on August 6th, followed with a performance at Tate Britain, on August 7th, curated by Max Reinhardt of BBC Radio 3's Late Junction, during which Jones will be playing extended freestyle versions of songs from his past discography. Reinhardt says of Jones: "I longed for Keziah to be part of this night because I know how devastatingly talented and original he is, but most people in London really haven't heard of him yet."

We couldn't agree more and whether you decide to pay the fairly reasonable price of 15 quid to attend his Jazz Café show, or opt for free admission to his Tate Britain showcase, the visit will be worthwhile.

Tickets for the Jazz Café are on sale now.

Solange Moffi