Richie Kotzen's October 2009 UK tour

Posted: 22nd July 2009
Richie Kotzen - Image:

Fender honoured guitarist, singer and songwriter, Richie Kotzen is famous for his unique playing style, applying lots of legato and sweeping, his fluid technique is described as a mix of rock, jazz, blues, fusion, and soul.

At 21, Richie co-wrote and performed on Poison's album Native Tongue. Success came at a young age as two songs from the album, 'Stand' and 'Until You Suffer Some' entered the top twenty singles chart. His success however, did not end there. In 99, Richie replaced Paul Gilbert as guitarist in the band Mr. Big, and more recently played the 2006 Rolling Stones Tour in Japan as a solo artist.

Kotzen is set for a UK tour in October this year. Covering nine venues from London to Edinburgh, the former Poison member will be performing some of his solo work taken from his 23 album strong solo discography, including his new brand single 'Remember'.

Pick up a ticket for £15 plus a £1.50 booking fee.

Dan O'Connell