Hunter becomes the hunted in Soho November 2009 laughter fest!

Posted: 15th July 2009
Reginald D Hunter

Reginald D. Hunter has a busy few weeks on his hands making people laugh in the Capital during the latter fraction of 2009 - so much so, he has been booked to attend several nights during November to brighten up those chilly Autumnal evenings with his brash and forthright humour that has divided a few people along the way - this man is not afraid to spout the "n" word on occasion, not least during his last tour 'Pride And Prejudice And N***as'.

After selling out his appearances at the Edinburgh Festival in 2007, he has a special gig planned for the 23rd July at the East Dulwich Tavern (Sarf East Lunnun) to 'warm up' for this year's burst in the honey-bricked chuckle-city. But if you miss his acerbic wit in Edinburgh then you will be glad to hear he has moved into the Soho Theatre for 2 weeks starting from Monday 9th November up until 21st November. This is a chance to see a man deliver his craft under one roof without sitting on a sweaty long-distance train supping warm beer and wearing a sulk for 500 miles. Just a stone's throw from Leicester Square and right next to a welter of grub-huts, it looks like a good night out.

Tickets start at £10 and you will find the venue in Dean Street, Soho!

Paul Pledger