Howard rustles up Winter 2009 laughs with 'Big Rooms and Belly Laughs' tour!

Posted: 7th July 2009
Russell Howard

Young comedy upstart Russell Howard has just announced some new exciting key city dates for his December 'Big Rooms & Belly Laughs' tour. He kicks off at the celebrated MEN arena in Manchester on December 11th and plays in several major destinations up until the final date confirmed at the Belfast Arena on the 20th.

The occasional 'Mock The Week' star and dynamo laugh-a-minute maestro has had a very successful 12 months and would very much like you to interrupt his Christmas present wrapping programme by turning up at his gigs and generally pissing yourselves laughing. The man is unique - quickfire and pretty well versed in all matters personal and impersonal, there isn't a topic that Mr Howard can't talk about.

His last tour, which has kind of morphed into his recent tour, was called 'Dingledodies': don't ask. Being from the lovely West Country has its advantages and calling your tour 'Dingledodies' may well be one of them. Whatever, it has sold out to packed houses, which only goes to prove what a phenomenon he is turning into. Catch the man first before The Man catches up with him and chuckle your tonsils off this Winter.

Paul Pledger