Busking round the house - York hosts exclusive 'front room' gigs!!

Posted: 28th June 2009

If you have ever lived in the States then you may well have attended a house party of some sort. Normally you would be sent an invite, you respond 'yes please' and turn up with a half-bottle of Thunderbird and a bag of chilli dogs. Well in York a similar thing is happening that instead involves live musicians and hearty slaps on backs. For a minimum donation (check the "Tickets" links below), you can witness rock and roll legends in the making while being surrounded by someone's candle collection and dog basket, well sort of.

This year's roster includes performances by Lucy Wainwright Roche, Ben Parker and Kate Aumonier, Markus Rill , Madison Violet, Patty Larkin, Peter Bruntnell (date TBC) and Ehren Ebbage (date TBC).

Dan Reed (of Dan Reed Network fame) played here recently and with Peter Bruntnell ear-marked for a performance later this year, this looks like an idea set to stay for some time to come.

Tickets start at just £7.50 and are available now. Because the gigs are so intimate you may just get to chat to the artists and get a signed CD. Just don't turn up in stilettos uninvited - they won't let you in!

Watch this space for further info.

Paul Pledger