Chariots of Fire set Colchester alight in family battle spectacular for 19th July 2009!

Posted: 27th June 2009

Does your old man look more like Bob Crow than Russell Crowe? Is your idea of bloody righteous battle having a bottle fight outside the local Yates on a Friday night? Interested in how we used to engage in dignified and organised fights with swords, chariots and big sharp shiny sticks that caused more than a blow to the head? Colchester has the answers and much more.....

Sunday 19th July sees the historic Roman town hosting a grand day out at the local castle designed to enthral and explain about how we loved to ruck about in the fields for the sheer joy of braying, hacking and lust - oh, and the delight in having yourself mauled to death by a big hairy cat in an arena of blood-thirsty Romans, begging you to die with claw-marks bigger than a bus stop. Either way you will find 'Hell unleashed' throughout what promises to be "Colchester's most exciting day out".

Real enactments of real historical battles and plenty of loud ungainly firearms should guarantee that your older kids will either be excited by the spectacle or deterred from ever asking Dad to drag him or her off for a spot of clay pigeon shooting. The costumes and the sets will be recreated down to the finest detail to ensure that the atmosphere is accurate and suitable for all ages over 16 plus there is a chance to see how our ancestors survived far more adversity than today's growling hoodies. So, if you thought a 'mace' was a local outlet for bread and a tin of sardines, think again and educate yourself and the family with a cheap day out in Essex's grandest town. Bring me my sword!!!

Tickets are £20 for a family ticket (2 adults + 3 children), £8 for adults or £6 for under 16s, OAPs and military veterans.

Paul Pledger