Adam Freeland and Freeland set for summer 2009 tour and festivals

Posted: 25th June 2009

After a six year abstinence from making an album the electro-heavy super DJ Adam Freeland has not only come back in style with his career-defining album 'Cope' but along with his band 'Freeland', he's also turning this summer into a massive party with some major dates spread over the warm months. He kicked-off yesterday at Cargo for his first big London show before spinning the magic at Glastonbury this weekend. As well as further London dates over the summer he is playing in Swindon and Cambridge before ending-up at the Get Loaded in the Park festival on 30th August for one last set...and an after-party. Booyah. So to get a chance to be in on the action and hear his new sound (which on album features members of bands such as The Pixies and Motley Crue) see the listings below. There aren't too many shows but it's all about the quality with this guy.

Patrick McKiernan