Superhero punk bouts set for August 2009: New Found Glory vs International Superheroes of Hardcore

Posted: 17th June 2009

Listen up fans of either super punk or split personalities because these upcoming gigs could be the time of your life when everything fits perfectly. American Punk stalwarts New Found Glory are going on tour with Hardcore Punk thrashers International Superheroes of Hardcore, a band which consists of...wait for it...the entire crew from New Found Glory. Yes indeedy, apparently ISOH were born out of frustration during the recording of a New Found Glory album which resulted in them stripping to their underwear (?) and swapping vocalists to create a hardcore version of their own band with fun songs about Harry Potter, Marty McFly and other, well, heroes (?). It sounds as daft as a really foolish brush but they both hit the UK in August to let both bands try to impress the Academy's in Manchester, Birmingham & Newcastle upon Tyne as well as Nottingham and London. It could be a confusing but very rewarding tour to be part of so check the listings below if you're curious. They sure are.

Patrick McKiernan