DragonForce for winter 2009 UK tour

Posted: 16th June 2009

Not content with recently being one of the hits of the Download Festival, super haired speed metal freaks Dragonforce have announced the full list of their UK tour to take place in the chilly winter. The thirteen-stop tour shall be aiding in the promotion of their new album 'Inhuman Rampage' which was the first the rockers have released since jumping onto the super slick Roadrunner Records. Starting at Folkstone's Leas Cliff Hall on the 29th of November, they will race around the country before bringing an end to the proceedings at London's Astoria on 13th December before going to join the local Christmas door-to-door carol troupe, I assume. So if you want to get your hands on this pre-Christmas treat, tickets are all set at £12.50, except of course London, which comes in at £14.

So get your headbanging gear out and get ready to get warmed through winter with the force of Dragon..force! Tickets on sale now/ tomorrow (Weds 17th June) at 9AM.

Patrick McKiernan