Trek with the stars 2010 - hike with Martin Fry and Richard Drummie across Namibia!

Posted: 15th June 2009

Bit of a Go West/ ABC fan? Scenery fan? Photographer? Physical challenge fan? Well, if either or all of these float your boat, you should join next year's Action Medical Research trek across Namibia with Go West's Richard Drummie and ABC's Martin Fry.

Joined on last year's trek in Costa Rica by Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley, this year the guys will tackle the beautiful sand dunes, rocks and plains of Namibia to help raise money for sick babies and children.

The seven day trek across the Namib desert - one of the most inhospitable places on earth - will take place between 17th and 26th March 2010. Namibia is also the last place on Earth where you can see Black Rhino roaming free and is the home of the desert elephant.

To find out more about Action Medical Research or how to get involved, visit or phone the events team on 01403 210406.

Daniel O'Connell