White Feather: The Spirit of Lennon - new exhibition for Liverpool from 17th June 2009

Posted: 11th June 2009

The Beatles will never cease to be in vogue: adding to the Getty photographic exhibition at The Movieum in London (which opened on March 12th, running until June 30th) and the reissue of their authorised biography, 'My Year in the life of The Beatles' by Hunter Davies earlier this month, The Beatles Story, i.e. the Fab Four's very own museum in Liverpool, will dedicate its new exhibit to John Lennon. 'White Feather: The Spirit of John Lennon' as it is entitled, opens from June 17th to December 31st, and focuses on Lennon's family life, through carefully selected memorabilia, courtesy of his eldest son Julian and first wife Cynthia Lennon, including personal belongings such as his Honda motorbike, an electric guitar he offered Julian on Christmas 1973, as well as Paul McCartney's handwritten recording notes of "Hey Jude", which he had penned following John and Cynthia's split, among other items. The exhibit will also have onscreen anecdotes and Lennon's life story narration by Cynthia and Julian.

Tickets range from £6.80 (for 5 to 16-year-olds) to £12.25 for adults. Concessions are priced £8.30, and family packages range from £ 20.55 to

£36.25. Under 5s get in for free.

Solange Moffi