Twitter Comedy for virtual gig debut this Monday 8th June 2009 at 8PM

Posted: 5th June 2009
Mark Watson

Heard the one about the comedian who only told one-liners? How about the comedian who only had 140 characters per joke? Well, you have now - this Monday to be precise, when the first ever live Twitter Comedy gig takes place, starting at 8PM BST.

Twitter Comedy is the brain child of comedian Tiernan Douieb, who is the compere of the virtual gig. The first night will feature nine comedians - the compere Tiernan and Mark Watson, Pappy's Fun Club, Mitch Benn, Matt Kirshen, Rob Heeney, Carl Donnelly, Terry Saunders and Gary Delaney. Each comic has a ten minute twitter "set" for their 140 character tweets.

To get involved, just follow their Twitter profiles (see links in the sidebar to the right), or follow the hashtag: #twitcom

The comedians lined-up for the night had this to say about the event:

This will be a defining moment in comedy. Soon, no-one will ever tell a joke in any format other than 140 characters. We'll all save time - Mark Watson (Mock the Week/ Radio 4)
I can't wait for this gig. I'll be wearing my smartest phone - Matt Kirshen .
The best thing about Twitter Comedy Club is that it's just like a normal gig except comics only have 140 characters to tell jokes which is... - Tiernan Douieb
Daniel O'Connell