The Housemartins announce the re-issue of debut album 'London 0 Hull 4' June 09

Posted: 8th May 2009

Self proclaimed '4th best band in Hull', The Housemartins, have announced the release of a re-mastered and expanded Deluxe Edition of their debut album, London 0 Hull 4, through Universal on June 8th 2009.

Originally released in October 1986 on Go-Discs, the album reached number 3 in the charts and featured the singles Flag Day, Sheep, Happy Hour & Think For A Minute.

The Deluxe Edition 2 disc version will include the original album along with a second disc featuring various B-sides from the single, plus 8 previously unreleased tracks.

Formed in Hull in 1983, and originally a duo featuring Paul Heaton and Stan Cullimore, they released their debut single, Flag Day in 1985 on Go-Discs, by which point they had become a 4-piece with the addition on Ted Key on bass and Hugh Whittaker on drums.

Key was replaced by Norman Cook on bass before the release of their second single, Sheep and their third single, Happy Hour, featuring a much-loved stop frame animation video, reached number three in the UK singles chart.

The band would later score a number one with their a cappella track Caravan Of Love in 1986 and released their second, and final, album The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death in 1987.

The full track listing for the 2 disc version of London 0 Hull 4 is as follows:

DISC 1 (original album)
1. Happy Hour
2. Get Up Off Our Knees
3. Flag Day
4. Anxious
5. Reverends Revenge
6. Sitting On A Fence
7. Sheep
8. Over There
9. Think For A minute
10. We're Not Deep
11. Lean On Me
12. Freedom

1. Flag Day (original single version)
2. Stand At Ease (Flag Day B-side)
3. You (Flag Day B-side)
4. Coal Train To Hatfield Main (Flag Day B-side)
5. I'll Be Your Shelter (Sheep B-side)
6. People Get Ready(Sheep B-side)
7. Drop Down Dead (Sheep B-side)
8. The Mighty Ship (Happy Hour B-side)
9. He Ain't Heavy (Happy Hour B-side)
10. Think For A Minute (original single version)
11. Who Needs The Limelight (Think For A Minute B-side)
12. I Smell Winter (Think For A Minute B-side)
13. Joy Joy Joy (Think For A Minute B-side)
14. Rap Around The Clock (Think For A Minute B-side)
15. Lean On Me (unreleased outtake)
16. Anxious (Janice Long BBC session 6/11/85)
17. We're Not Deep (Janice Long BBC session 6/11/85)
18. Freedom (Janice Long BBC session 6/11/85)
19. Think For A Minute (Saturday Live BBC session 4/1/86)
20. Drop Down Dead (Saturday Live BBC session 4/1/86)
21. Happy Hour (John Peel BBC session 6/4/86)
22. Get Up Off Our Knees (John Peel BBC session 6/4/86)