Free Dinosaur Jr track from forthcoming 2009 album 'Farm'

Posted: 30th April 2009
Dinosaur Jr

J, Lou and Murph are pleased to present "I Want You to Know," the first mp3 from Dinosaur Jr's new full length "Farm," due out on June 22 via [PIAS].

The worry about the reunion of the original Dinosaur Jr. line-up, more than 20 years after their formation and legendary dissolution, was that these guys were just flogging the back catalogue as a marketing gimmick.

With the release of 'Beyond', in 2007, the band gave a hearty Marshall-driven "F**K YOU!" answer to those inquiring ears. Restoring the sound established by the opening hat-trick gambit of Dinosaur, 'You're Living All Over Me', and 'Bug', the 'Beyond' album continued the band's march into rock greatness by making old ears smile and new ears bleed afresh.

And now comes 'Farm', the fifth full length record by the original line-up-J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph - set to release on their label [PIAS] on 22nd June.