His Dark Materials [The Golden Compass] comes to life on UK stage in spring 2009

Posted: 5th April 2009

Philip Pullman's novel 'His Dark Materials' comes to life in an epic stage adaption this spring in Manchester and Bromley. Also known as the film, 'The Golden Compass' [which was part one of three - Ed], the widely-known trilogy has captured the minds of both children and adults alike, and has been adapted for the stage by Nicholas Wright.

The adventurous award-winning fantasy tells the story of young girl Lyra in a world where a person's soul exists as a creature - known as a daemon. Lyra embarks on a magical adventure to the Arctic in order to discover 'the truth'. The tale will be presented in two parts.

Lyra will be played by Amy McAllister, accompanied by Nick Barber, John Hodgkinson and Daniel Brocklbank, who appeared in the hit 'Shakespeare In Love'.

His Dark Materials will run from 23 - 26 April at The Lowry, Manchester, and 6 - 10 May at The Churchill Theatre in Bromley.

Kim Sklinar