Psst - Want To Learn About Food at the Underground? Fernando Cortez Cooks Up a (Secret) Storm

Posted: 29th March 2009

Feeling hungry but need a bit of inspiration because you don't know your quails from your snails? Tired of burning the bacon BEFORE you take it out of the packet? Do you savour the weekend that it's Food Magazine time in the Observer? How about THIS for a North-West End performance?

Celebrated boutique-chef and all round top food designer Fernando Cortez, begins a series of weekly workshops that will show you all of the secrets and skills the great man has acquired during his long career cooking for the stars. The location is the Underground Kitchen situated 'somewhere in Kilburn'. Book your tickets and the exact co-ordinates are communicated to you and away you go! The restaurant is not a typical walk-in establishment but more of a shrine to exclusive top quality food at reasonable prices as well as a centre of learning excellence. These sessions start on Tuesday 31st March and run through until Tuesday 16th June (check this site for other dates).

The workshops begin on Tuesday 31st March with chocolate and encourages a hands-on learning process on white chocolate, dark chocolate and all of its properties along with ideal accompanying ingredients. Other performances include 'mushrooms', 'sauces', 'presentation and plating up' and 'doughs'.

Prices start at £40 and the sessions start at 7pm - get cooking!

Full Programme

  • Tue 31 Mar: Chocolate
  • Tue 7 Apr: Vegetables and Knife Skills
  • Tue 14 Apr: Doughs
  • Mon 20 Apr: Understanding Spherification
  • Tue 28 Apr: Sauces and Plating Presentation Part 1 Savoury
  • Tue 5 May: Dessert Sauces And Plating Presentation Part 2 Sweet
  • Tue 12 May: Salads
  • Tue 19 May: Soups
  • Tue 26 May: Grains
  • Tue 2 Jun: Introduction To Gelees, Espuma Mousses, Hydrocolloids
  • Tue 9 Jun: Tarts
  • Tue 16 Jun: Desserts 101
Paul Pledger