John Squire original album artwork to be auctioned for War Child

Posted: 23rd March 2009

To celebrate the release of the War Child Heroes album, associated collectors items will be auctioned on eBay from today (23rd March) including original album cover artwork created by former Stone Roses legend, John Squire. Following February's sell-out Coldplay and The Killers gig in support of War Child, the charity has set up an eBay shop ( that will also host collectors items signed by Coldplay, Killers front man Brandon Flowers and U2's Bono who joined the bands for anamazing encore. The auction will raise vital funds for War Childs work protecting children living in war torn countries.

John Squire Original Heroes Album Cover Artwork

The hard-hitting artwork featuring childlike crayon drawings of machine guns was created by Squire in his familiar abstract style and influenced by the drawings of children dealing with the trauma of living in war zones. Squire has been involved with War Child since 1995 when The Stone Roses donated a track for the original War Child Help! album and he provided the cover artwork. Squire has created the album cover artwork for all subsequent War Child album sleeves.

John Squire said 'For me the appeal of War Child is pretty simple, they help the hungry, the displaced and the traumatised children in certain war zones to deal with that situation and they involve them in deciding how that help is organised. Anything I can do to support them is no trouble at all'

The original artwork and three signed prints have been donated by John Squire for the eBay auction.

Based in Macclesfield, John Squire's work has been informed by his dual experiences as a musician and artist. He is renowned for his paintings and sculptural works, which have, since the late 1980s, frequented covers of albums and singles. Since 2004, Squire has held seven acclaimed exhibitions in London and Manchester, with future exhibitions planned for Oldham, Austria and Japan later this

Peter Doherty's limited edition prints of Glastonbury Blood Painting will also be available online for collectors and fans to bid on.

The artwork and print will appear alongside other War Child collectors items on the eBay shop including limited edition 7 vinyl Heroes box sets signed by Bono and Coldplay and Heroes CDs signed by The Killers Brandon Flowers and Coldplay. The online auction will close on 1st April 2009.

War Child is an international charity working to protect and rebuild the lives of the most marginalised children in war zones, who would otherwise be overlooked: street children, child soldiers and children in prison.