Kris Morris' to release debut album out in April

Posted: 21st March 2009

Kris is back home in Australia having gigged regularly in London and around the UK for the past seven years, playing venues including Union Chapel Islington, The Bedford, The Halfmoon Putney, Betsey Trotwood, Electroacoustic Club, the Cobden Club, FOPP Records Tottenham Court Rd, and many others. Kris has done live radio sessions for BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio London. His debut album "I Think We Both Know" is due for release by weeksweeksweeks on 13th April 2009.

Kris's debut EP Little Light, released in early 2007, was recorded in two days in a friend's back room. It received strong reviews drawing comparisons to artists such as Ray Lamontagne, Ryan Adams, Neil Finn and Bob Dylan.

"This is a lovely, honest EP, capturing the essence of hope as well as fear. Influences such as Bob Dylan, Ray Lamontagne and Ryan Adams definitely shine through." Xpression FM 87.7

"The vocal performance is spot on, as are the songs and general feel. The closest touchstone is Ray La Montagne and Little Light is well worth a listen." Get Ready to Rock

"Incredibly sincere and honest, the sad strumming of his acoustic guitar provides the perfect backing to his melodic vocals. It wont be long before Kris Morris is a household name with an instantly recognisable voice." RoomThirteen

Kris's musical voice and journey is summed up in his debut album I Think We Both Know. Recorded at Rush House, a beautiful Victorian hunting lodge in rural England, the band arranged the songs on the fly - crafting the arrangements just as they were put to tape (or hard drive). It was a special week where music echoed around every room from dusk till dusk. The end result is something which will grab you by the ears and by the heart. The songs are intimate, soft, raw, honest, big, close, epic . . . the sounds are lush and beautiful. It seems fitting too that the album master was delivered just days before the flight back to Australia. Seven years of hopes and heartaches summed up in one beautiful gift to take home. I Think We Both Know is due for release by weeksweeksweeks on 13th April 2009.