Burnt by the Sun - Lyttleton Theatre run extended until May 2009

Posted: 20th March 2009

Burnt by the Sun continues London run until May.

The play, based on the acclaimed eponymous Franco-Russian film, which received the Jury Grand Prize at the 1994 Cannes festival, opened at the Lyttleton Theatre in London at the end of February, and although it was originally meant to end on April 21st, its run as being extended by one month until May 21st.

The stage adaptation, written and directed by playwright/screenwriter Peter Flannery (who wrote the screenplay for the 1995 comedy 'Funny Bones', starring Oliver Platt, Jerry Lewis and Lee Evans), is set in mid-1930s Russia and tells the story of "Colonel Kotov, a decorated hero of the Russian Revolution, spending an idyllic summer in the country with his beloved young wife and family. On one glorious sunny morning in 1936, his wife's former lover returns from a long and unexplained absence. Amidst a tangle of sexual jealousy, retribution and remorseless political backstabbing, Kotov feels the full, horrifying reach of Stalin's rule."…

The Daily Telegraph calls this new production 'funny, affecting and taut with suspense … a new play that already feels like a classic.'

See if you agree with that- tickets range from £22.00 to £39.50 (£16.50 for under-18s).

Solange Moffi