Michael Jackson makes it twenty (four) O2 dates for July and August 2009

Posted: 11th March 2009

Well then, not content with a paltry ten dates at the O2, Mr Jackson added five this morning and five more just now, which I believe makes it twenty.

We're not yet sure if "This is it", or whether there will be more dates added, but having just looked into the bottom of my teacup, the leaves spelt out; "This is not it... expect more", so you can't diss the leaves.

Pre-registered dudes may mosey on down to one of the twenty dates below, and enter their registration info to purchase some pre-sale tickets. Failing that, there's always Friday morning at 7AM.

See you in a few hours for the next batch of five O2 dates, where Jacko exceeds Prince's twenty one! ;-))


Didn't even have to wait an hour... it's now twenty four dates! Prince's record lies in tatters... well, once Mr Jackson has fulfilled all twenty four it will...

New dates: 30th August, 1st, 3rd and 6th September. At this rate, Michael Jackson could single-handedly save the UK economy! Gordon Brown/ Alistair Darling - take note: VAT change = No Good. American superstar import = good.

Daniel O'Connell