The Dykeenies - New tour and free new song

Posted: 8th March 2009

The Dykeenies return with a new single and UK tour this month.

The Scots will now be operating as a four-piece, following the departure of one of the Henderson Bros., Alan, who quit over "musical differences" we hear.

The boys have been busy working on their sophomore album, due out in the summer, and will embark on a UK tour, resuming in Exeter on March 10th, via the cities of Brighton (March 11th), Portsmouth (March 13th) , Manchester (March 15th), London (March 17th) , Leeds (March 19th) , Glasgow (March 20th) , Liverpool (March 21st) , Aberdeen (March 25th) , Edinburgh (March 27th) and Newcastle (March 28th), among others.

Expectedly, tickets for their Glasgow and Edinburgh shows sold out in no time.

And indeed, with tickets costing as little as under a fiver, they're a pretty good deal!

And if that wasn't enough, the foursome's new single, 'Are You With Me Now' is available for download from their Myspace site (, free of charge!

Solange Moffi